Past, Present, Future

Past: Our History

Our roots go back to the 1970s.  Hastings State Hospital closed and The Guild of Catholic Women (GCW), a volunteer organization, stepped forward to provide housing for individuals leaving the hospital.  In 1990, GCW established us, Guild Incorporated, as a separate, not-for-profit professional organization to continue the services that they started.  While we’re no longer affiliated with GCW, they paved the way for us to do this work and we are grateful.  View our timeline of events and accomplishments.

Present:  We Benefit the Community

We benefit the local community by providing quality, cost effective services.  Services aim to prevent homelessness and counter things like unemployment, use of high cost emergency room and hospitalization services, and involvement in the criminal justice system – significant social issues that easily result when people with mental illness go without treatment and services they need to get better.

Future:  Where We’re Going

Our history positions us well for what we want to achieve in the future!

Our Goals:

  • Expand access and grow sustainable services.
  • Strengthen financial health and independence.
  • Serve the community as a provider of choice.

Annual Reports:


2017 Annual Report Published in September 2018

2016 Annual Report Video

2016 Annual Report Published in June 2017

2015 Annual Report Video

2015 Annual Report Published in June 2016

2014 Annual Report Published in June 2015

2013 Annual Report Published in May 2014


You Can Help:

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