Delancey Supportive Housing

A Place to Call Home

When you’ve had trouble finding and keeping a permanent, affordable place to live, moving to a place that offers support when you need it can really make a difference. Our supportive housing service options provide a safe environment where it’s easy to get information and assistance. Housing support services are readily available to help tenants with household and daily living tasks so you can enjoy stability in housing and optimal health.

Supportive Housing includes up to 60 housing support units (apartments) located in Dakota County and up to 40 in Ramsey County.

Supportive Housing will help you:

  • Find a permanent, affordable place to live including talking with landlords, connecting you with resources needed to move in, and budgeting and financial education
  • Maintain your housing by helping you understand and meet your responsibilities as a tenant
  • Develop community-living skills, such as household management and problem solving
  • Arrange for services (medical, health-related, and social) and transportation to attend appointments
  • Access employment support to maintain or seek employment

If you are homeless, call:

Dakota County Housing Crisis line:  651-554-5751

Ramsey County Coordinated Entry:

  • For Adults:  651-647-2350
  • For Families:  651-215-2262

You need a referral from Coordinated Entry to receive Supportive Housing Services at Guild.


Free language assistance and interpreter services are available.

Guild Incorporated complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.



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