Staff Positions – Mental Health Professionals

Glossary of Terms:  Mental Health Staff Position Descriptions

Case Managers conduct functional assessments, develop individual community support plans, assist individuals in getting mental health and other services and ensure coordination of services, and monitor delivery of services.

Employment Specialists  help eligible individuals develop and implement their personal vocational plan and achieve their chosen employment objective.  They teach employment related skills such as job-seeking skills, on-the-job performance skills and/or work-related community skills such as time management, mobility, and money management, functional literacy skills, etc.

Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency Case Manager (MI/CD CM) provide a full range of chemical health interventions assessing the readiness for change while teaching  skills to the individual and other staff members on the team.  This specialized position assists individuals to identify and assess the individuals’ chemical health while providing a range of mental health services.

Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) is a member of the Assertive Community Treatment team and helps individuals who have serious and persistent mental illnesses and/or substance disorders, as well as staff team members, by providing information and insight from their experience as a consumer of mental health case management services.  The Recovery Specialist provides expertise to the staff team about the recovery process, symptom management, stigma, and the persistence clients must exhibit to lead a quality life.  They also act as a mentor to clients providing peer counseling and support in addition to hands on help.

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) is an individual trained to help people with basic daily routines. PCAs help individuals with physical, emotional or mental disability, a chronic illness or an injury.

For an overall and broad-based brochure, access and download a PDF of  NAMI’s Hope for Recovery.  Subjects covered in this resource  include:  Insurance, Financial Assistance, Housing Options, Intensive Treatment Options, Community Services and Support, Employment, Evidence-Based Practices, Crisis Intervention, Pre-petition Screening and Commitment, Data Privacy, Advocacy Information and Complaint.

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