October 2016 Guild Matters: Making Employment Dreams Come True

It’s Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), so we’re celebrating Kristie – an individual making her employment dreams come true with help from our employment team.

Our Employment Services team views employment as part of the recovery process – not an addition to it. The Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model they use is evidence-based, and helped them place 33% more individuals in jobs in 2015 when compared with the previous year.

And earlier this year, Guild was selected – as one of three organizations — by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) to expand employment services into Scott County.

Kristie's Employment Story
Meet Kristie, an individual served and read her employment story.

That’s how Lead Employment Specialist, Julie Carr, met Kristie. Referred by her Scott County Case Manager to Guild’s Employment Services, Kristie, who had been struggling with homelessness for three years, began to work with Julie. The two partnered to identify skills, build confidence, and prepare for interviews. Equipped with a lifelong love of medicine and support from Employment Services, Kristie began to take steps toward her ultimate career goal: becoming a registered nurse. “I told Julie what I wanted to do and the direction I wanted to head,” Kristie says. “She [Julie] didn’t mess around, she did her research and found positions that were a good fit for me.”

Today, Kristie works full-time as a Personal Care House Attendant. She enjoys the work, which, for her, includes thinking about what each patient needs and then “making their day.” In addition to providing beneficial experience, Kristie feels valued at work – an aspect of the job she find motivating.

Kristie’s motivation remains long after her shift ends. With ongoing support from Julie, she’s progressing in her efforts to turn her dreams into reality by working to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. In addition to increasing opportunities with her current employer, it’s another step forward in her plan to return to school and, eventually, get licensed as a nurse.

“I knew Kristie had strong goals for where she wants to end up,” says Julie. “Once we worked together to discover her skills – it wasn’t hard to help her discover her worth as an employee.”

P.S. Thank you to Xcel Energy Foundation and Securian for their ongoing support of Employment Services.

October 18, 2016

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