Our roots go back to the 1970s.  Today, we use our experience and knowledge to benefit the community by providing quality, cost-effective services.  Services aim to prevent homelessness and counter things like unemployment, use of high cost emergency room and hospitalization services, and involvement in the criminal justice system – significant social issues that easily result when people with mental illness go without treatment and services they need to get better.

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  • December 2018: Guild welcomes new leadership as Diane Wakefield, Senior Vice President and Minnesota Region Manager with City National Private Banking joins the Board of Directors. Read more.
  • October 2018: Guild expands Employment Services to Youth. Read more.
  • September 2018: New Crisis and Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) Center in Scott County Moving from Vision to Reality. Learn more.
  • September 2018: Guild welcomes new leadership as Joe Clubb, Vice President of Allina Health’s Mental Health and Addiction Services, joins Board of Directors. Read more.
  • June 2018: Plan to Expand Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) and Crisis Services to Scott County Progresses. Read more
  • January 2018: Guild welcomes new leadership as Nico Kelly, Customer Service Professional, and Ross Owen, Health Strategy Director for Hennepin County, join the Board of Directors. Read more.
  • December 2017: Guild welcomes New Chief Clinical Officer, Renee Levesque. Learn more about her and our executive leadership team.
  • November 2017: Guild welcomes New Chief Operating Officer, Tiffany Grandchamp. Learn more about her and our executive leadership team.
  • September 2017: Wilder Research releases new report, illustrating that Guild’s Equilibrium (EQ) Services for youth are achieving goal of helping young people transition successfully into adulthood. Read more.
  • August 2017: Guild welcomes new leadership as Melissa Scanlan-Duncan, Clinic Manager and Leader of North Suburban Family Physicians; Ross Eggers, Enterprise Account Manager at Tanium; and Bill Marzolf, President and CEO of Anodyne, Inc. join Board of Directors. Read more.
  • June 2017: Guild announces next Executive Director, Julie Bluhm. Read more. 
  • May 2017: Guild releases 2016 Annual Report. Read more. 
  • April 2017:  Guild launches the Coming Home Pilot Project in partnership with Hearth Connection, HealthEast St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Catholic Charities. Read more.
  • March 2017:   Guild Incorporated’s President, Grace Tangjerd Schmitt, announces retirement plans. Read more
  • January 2017: Guild partners with Livio Health Group to advance integrated care. Read more.
  • January 2017: Guild expands Hospital to Home initiative. Read more.
  • October 2016: Guild expands Employment Services into Scott County. Read more.
  • August 2016: Guild’s President, Grace Tangjerd Schmitt, named finalist for Minnesota Business Magazine’s Leaders in Health Care Awards. Learn more
  • August 2016: Guild welcomes new leadership as Tom Halverson, CFO for Qualitech, Dr. Sarah Kottke, and Dr. Bjorn Westgard join the Board of Directors. Read more.
  • July 2016: Guild launches Behavioral Health Home Services as a first implementer in Minnesota. Learn more about the services.
  • July 2016: Wilder Research releases new report on outcomes of Hospital to Home (H2H.) Read more.
  • June 2016:  Guild releases 2015 Annual Report. Read more
  • March 2016:  Guild’s Hospital to Home initiative awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD.)  Learn more about the funding
  • February 2016: Guild increases capacity to serve approximately 110 more individuals annually through Residential Crisis Stabilization Services. Learn more about the services.
  • February 2016:  Guild launches new Housing Access Resource Team (HART), with a goal of helping clients find and maintain housing. Read more.
  • November 2015:  Guild welcomes new leadership as Mary Khimji, Associate Vice President at RBC Capital Markets, joins Board of Directors.  Read more.
  • October 2015: Guild welcomes new leadership as Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) Minnesota Director, George Stone, joins our Board of Directors. Read more
  • September 2015: Guild mentioned in Star Tribune article about Dakota County Housing Initiative. Read the article. 
  • August 2015: Guild’s new wellness initiative, GameOn! for Wellness, was highlighted by Dakota County Statewide Health Improvement Program for promoting a culture of health among employees. Read more
  • August 2015: Guild welcomes new leadership as Marian Bayer was appointed Chief Financial Officer and Lou Gomez joined our Board of Directors. Read more.
  • June 2015: Guild Releases 2014 Annual Report. Read More
  • June 2015:  Guild releases Guild Incorporated Member Center Study: Valuing a Community Support Program for recovery from mental illness.  Read more
  • April 2015:   Guild Incorporated honors 25th anniversary by launching storytelling campaign, “25 for 25.”  Read More
  • March 2015:  Wilder Research releases new reports on outcomes of Hospital to Home (H2H.)  Read More
  • February 2015:  Guild’s Equilibrium (EQ) Youth Services featured in MinnPost.  Read the article.
  • January 2015:  Guild Incorporated’s recent collaboration — the Minnesota Community Healthcare Network (MCHN) — featured in MinnPost.  Read the article.

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