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Report Illustrates Positive Outcomes for EQ Participants

When research scientist Kristin Dillon, Ph.D., talks about the outcomes of our Equilibrium (EQ) Youth Services, it’s hard not to get excited.

Report Illustrates Positive Outcomes for EQ Participants

Her report, Providing Community-Based Treatment to Young Adults with Mental Illness, illustrates that EQ Services are achieving their goal of helping young people transition successfully into adulthood:

  • 86% either improved or maintained stable housing after enrollment
  • 72% either had a diploma or GED or were still in school
  • 60% were either employed or working toward employment

“The fact that so many participants achieved a GED during enrollment has important implications for their future employability and stability, says Dillon who works for Wilder Research. “Also, the fact that so many participants were in stable housing at the end of enrollment or at the time the data was pulled is very promising, as housing has repeatedly been shown to be a significant determinant of physical and mental health.”

Youth and Mental IllnessEarly intervention – one goal of EQ is to intervene after the first episode of a mental health crisis or psychotic episode – is a key component of achieving these kinds of results. “The average person waits up to 10 years to seek treatment, so providing treatment to this population can prevent a decade of challenges,” says Dillon who works for Wilder Research. “That is a considerable amount of time, particularly at a pivotal transition period in the life of a young adult.”

In addition to helping to prevent years of unnecessary challenges and suffering, according to the report, EQ has also demonstrated that it “can reduce out-of-home placements, increase preventive care, and maintain hospital follow-up, all of which have been associated with decreased public healthcare costs.”

“The findings that were the most exciting to me were that the outcomes were so consistently positive for participants, regardless of the type of primary diagnosis they have,” says Dillon. “I think it’s really impressive that the services appear to benefit a range of participants, including across different demographic and diagnostic groups.”

Read the full report.

September 19, 2017

Annual Meeting Brings Change to Board of Directors

Our Annual Meeting brought change to our Board of Directors. Please join us in welcoming three new members, and in thanking departing members for their service and commitment to our mission.


Photo Credit: Nana Tran

Melissa Scanlan-Duncan, MSW, LICSW, RPT, is the clinic manager and leader of North Suburban Family Physicians, a group primary care practice subsidiary of Health Partners, where she directs the operations and provides financial management. Melissa began her career in hospital social work and program development, and operates a private practice in addition to her work in primary care. She was introduced to Guild’s work by a board member, and did some research of her own, including attending a Get to Know Guild event. “As a therapist, I was relieved to hear that there was a group ensuring that those clients with significant needs weren’t being forgotten and more importantly were being treated as valued and contributing members of our community,” Melissa says. “I decided to join Guild’s board to help further the organization’s mission and ensure a wide range of health professionals could be introduced to their work.”



Ross Eggers has a MBA in Information Technology, and works for a technology startup company, based in Silicon Valley.  Ross recalls feeling a connection to Guild while attending Bash4Guild, an annual fundraiser for Equilibrium Youth Services “Once I learned about the mission of Guild, I became instantly involved because of who the organization helps,” he says. The passion Ross has for the mission is personal. “My Dad is an end-stage alcoholic, suffers mental illness, and is currently homeless without contact from family. While it might be too late to reach my dad, Guild offers me the ability to help someone else’s dad, brother, or son,” he says. “I joined Guild’s board of directors, so that I can be more involved with spreading the message of hope that Guild brings to the stigmatized and forgotten.”




Bill Marzolf is President and CEO of Anodyne, Inc., a Minnetonka-based medical equipment distribution company he founded. He has over 35 years of experience in the distribution of medical equipment, possesses broad knowledge of third party reimbursement issues, and has established relationships with payers in the upper Midwest. Bill has served on a health-related PAC, has been active with the St. Thomas Academy Alumni Association as a board member and past president, and has participated as an ad hoc and formal member of several community organizations and charities. After being introduced to Guild’s work by a friend, Bill became a volunteer Ambassador. But, he wanted to do something more. “I came to understand that the best way for me to participate would be to share what I have learned through my administrative work in the healthcare field,” he says. “What I am most looking forward to as a board member is providing support to the people who are doing the heavy lifting within the organization; the nurses, case managers, aids and administrators. I am very grateful for the opportunity, very excited about the challenges ahead and very hopeful for the possibilities of what the Guild can and will be.”


While we welcome three new members, we also extend our gratitude to those who depart. Norman “Butch” Goldberg joined the board in 2011, and served in a variety of additional volunteer roles, including sharing his family’s personal experience with mental illness, and helping to move furniture and other belongings for many clients. Lou Gomez joined the board in 2015, serving as the board liaison to the ambassador team, and, also giving his time as a friendship volunteer. Kari Rominski joined in 2011, and George Stone joined in 2015.

August 25, 2017

Guild Incorporated Announces Next Executive Director

Guild Incorporated's Next Executive Director, Julie Bluhm
Photo: V. Jay Ojeda

Guild Incorporated has announced that their Board of Directors has selected Julie Bluhm, LICSW, as the organization’s next Executive Director. Bluhm will begin on July 24, succeeding Grace Tangjerd Schmitt, who will retire after leading the organization for over 25 years.

“We looked at a number of very compelling candidates during the search process, and after interviewing and getting to know several of them, we concluded without hesitation that Julie’s background in social work, her experience in and knowledge of the industry, and her obvious passion for the value of community mental health services, make her not only a perfect fit for the Guild of today but also an ideal partner to help build the Guild of tomorrow,” said Mike Sampson, Chairman of Guild Incorporated’s Board of Directors and a Partner at Maslon LLP. Sampson chaired the Board’s search committee, which worked with W.J. Flynn & Associates of Eagan to select a successor. “Julie’s energy and enthusiasm for the work that we do at Guild,” Sampson remarked, “are both inspiring and infectious.”

Bluhm holds a bachelor’s degree in family social science and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Minnesota. She is currently the Director of Clinical Innovation for Hennepin Health, leading the implementation and refinement of the Hennepin Health care model and integration of social service delivery to improve care and reduce costs for members served by their integrated care network. Prior to Hennepin Health, Bluhm spent several years working in the mental health field, providing direct care and serving in managerial roles.

“At Hennepin Health, I was working a lot with hospitals and clinics, trying to figure out how to meet individuals’ needs outside of a clinic or hospital setting, looking at the social determinants of health,” said Bluhm. “I want to go back to serving people – helping people lead the lives that they want to live, and I don’t think that there’s any question that’s what Guild does.”

Commenting on her successor, Grace Tangjerd Schmitt expressed confidence in the board’s selection: “Julie’s person-centered approach to services and her experience in health reform through Hennepin Health’s accountable care model are tremendous assets for Guild’s future.”

“Through Grace’s leadership, the spirit of constant innovation has become an indelible part of the culture of Guild Incorporated, and it will continue to serve us well as the health care landscape continues to change,” Sampson said of Grace’s upcoming retirement.

“I have admired Guild for years,” said Bluhm, “I am humbled to have the opportunity to continue to build on Grace’s legacy.”

For media or other inquiries, contact Hayla Drake, Marketing Communications Specialist, at or at 651.925.8479.


June 2017 Guild Matters: You Help Turn Our Gears

Guild Incorporated Annual Report 2017: Grace Tangjerd Schmitt, Michael Sampson
Photo Caption: Peter Koeleman

“This team of people believed in me when I couldn’t.”

Referred to us for service following hospitalization, Gayle lacked confidence in her abilities and hope for the future. That’s when our gears start turning.

Staff partnered with Gayle: listening, seeing her strengths, finding resources, building trust, instilling confidence.

Today, Gayle has seventeen years of sobriety and a job she loves. That’s what keeps our gears turning. Read our 2016 Annual Report to meet Gayle and others

 “I even started cooking for clients and staff.”

Guild Incorporated Annual Report 2016-Larry, Individual Served. Dad. Volunteer. Culinary Enthusiast.

Each and every day, you are helping us advance our reach, access to services, and integrated care – creating outcomes that respond to community needs and reflect the preferences of those we serve:

  • More than 3,400 individuals served across all programs and services in 2016.
  • 929 calls from individuals and families responded to in one business day by our Community Access team – a 33% increase over 2015.
  • Launched Behavioral Health Home Services as a first implementer in Minnesota, creating new access to integrated care.
  • Added residential crisis beds to Maureen’s House and increased the number served by 32% over 2015.
  • Expanded Employment Services into Scott County. And a record number of individuals across all counties served found jobs in 2016 – a 33% increase over 2015.

 “They have followed through on what they say they do.”

Dianna, Individual Served. Mom. Best Friend. Artist.

We celebrate these achievements with you, recognizing they are possible because of your partnership. Call us at 651-925-8450 with questions, comments, ideas or concerns. Your confidence in our stewardship is important. Thank you for your continued support.


Signatures for AR Letter I


P.S. Watch as our 2016 Annual Report comes to life!


From our Chair of the Board of Directors:  Through Grace’s leadership, the spirit of constant innovation has become an indelible part of the culture of Guild Incorporated, and it will continue to serve us well as the health care landscape continues to change. On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and individuals served, we thank Grace, and wish her the best in her upcoming retirement.


June 14, 2017

Bash4Guild Achieves Greatest Success Yet

When Bash4Guild co-creators Matt Bollero and Nik Larsen came up with the idea to host an event to raise money for our Equilibrium (EQ) Youth Services –raising awareness and smashing sigma — they described it as an “ambitious goal.”

Ambitious in their own right and not easily deterred, Bollero and Larsen, along with the many supporters they helped to generate, are delighted by Bash4Guild’s growth. Over 500 people attended this year – up 100 from last year, and over $60,000 was raised for EQ.

Bash4Guild 2017

Emceed by KFAN’s Meatsauce, the party thrilled attendees with games, live music by local musician Sarah Christine as well as the band, Stache, a silent auction, and new features including a caricature artist and magician.

“The responses have been tremendous,” remarks Bollero. “One person in particular won a $120 silent auction item, and emailed us stating they would like to also donate $380 on top of that, rounding out their contribution to $500.” It’s just one example, he says, of people contributing additional support.

Bash4Guild 2017

But, Bollero and Larsen won’t be hanging their respective hats on the success anytime soon. Instead, the growth serves as inspiration.

“The event is the perfect indicator of what a large group of people can do when they get together to support a cause,” says Bollero. “Every year we do this, it’s a chance for everyone there to help fight the sigma that surrounds mental illness. Awareness continues to grow, and this event is just another opportunity to continue to break down the barrier.”

Bash4Guild 2017

Our thanks to event co-hosts Matt Bollero and Nik Larsen, the Bash4Guild committee, the sponsors, the many volunteers, and all of the others who helped make the 4th annual Bash4Guild a stigma-smashing success:

Presenting Sponsor: The Stable

Platinum Sponsors:  Mayo Clinic, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota LynxJantze & Dennis Haley, Janet Wanzek

Gold Sponsors: Bridgewater Bank, Morrie’s Brooklyn Park Subaru, Otogawa-Anschel Design + Build, Bollero Family, Juliet Everist, Kari and Dan Rominski, and Carla Warner

Silver Sponsors:  Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, Aura Boutique, Nilfisk, Bill Bieber, Rob Moore, and Dr. & Mrs Michael Paparella

Official Media Partner:  KFAN Sports Radio

Volunteer Photographers:  Cesar Buitrago, Jenni Salomon, Paul Fletcher

The Bash4Guild Planning Committee: Co-leaders Nik Larsen and Matt Bollero; Ajia Hagen, Anthony Theisen, Brad Reiser, Claire Ferrara, George Broostin, John McCormick, Kyler Harder, Luke Garafola, Mary Khimji, Mary Roehl, Sam Flood, and Takara Onowo

May 17, 2017

You Can Help:

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