January 2017 Guild Matters: A Resolution Worth Sticking With



The gym’s packed. Deals on organizational supplies abound. It’s hard to deny the spark of motivation a new year brings. For us, it’s a chance to re-commit to our perennial resolution: advancing integrated care.

A new partnership with Livio Health Group and expansion of Hospital to Home is helping us move forward.

Livio Health Group

We are partnering with Livio Health Group to provide primary and urgent care services to individuals we serve.  Each Wednesday, a nurse practitioner and medical assistant from Livio take up residence in an exam room at our Guild St. Paul Area site seeing those who need both drop-in and routine care. “Livio is extremely excited to partner with Guild Incorporated,” says Sara Armstrong, VP of Community Engagement. “It is refreshing to be connected to an organization that not only has passion for the communities they are working with, they have also developed fantastic working relationships among the segments of services they provide.”

Livio’s services are an additional resource for Guild’s clients — offering convenience of location and mobile urgent care services — and bringing value to those who may experience challenges in more traditional care settings. “One person who has diabetes was actually able to start medication, and he has not been on medication for a couple of years due to his illness preventing him from establishing a primary care provider,” says Julie Churcher, a nurse at Guild.  “I look forward to working more with Livio.” That’s precisely the kind of outcome Beth Allen, Guild’s Senior Director of Services, is excited about. The partnership, she notes, brings improved access to health care and improved coordination of care, particularly as it relates to communication between providers. “This is really a significant milestone for our agency,” Allen says. “My hope is that it will evolve in ways that we can’t even imagine right now.”

Plans are underway to offer clinic hours at additional Guild sites in the near future.


We are expanding Hospital to Home (H2H), a cross-system partnership meeting needs in our community by serving individuals experiencing chronic homelessness who seek health care in the emergency department. Guild’s Director of Delancey Services, Julie Grothe, has been involved in the partnership since the beginning. “When we started the H2H program, I never considered that we might be able double our numbers from 18 to 36,” she says. H2H is currently featured as a community initiative that’s working in the National Association of Counties Data-Driven Justice (DDJ) Playbook. And Wilder Research’s 2016 report on H2H indicates that emergency department visits by participants decreased 74% after enrollment.  For Grothe, the best part of the work is when someone gets a key to his or her own apartment: “To know that we can serve even more people who are suffering on the streets and in need of a home is humbling and a tremendous opportunity to put a dent in chronic homelessness.” Taylor is currently served by H2H, and thought he’d live on the streets forever, but now says, “I was proven wrong.” Read his story.


Both initiatives advance our goal of expanding access to comprehensive, integrated services. We think that’s a resolution worth sticking with. And we’re grateful for all you do to support it.


January 12, 2017

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