Illustrating Value: Guild Member Center Study

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We’re excited to announce the availability of the Guild Incorporated Member Center Study: Valuing a Community Support Program for recovery from mental illness.

The goals of the study were to identify the benefit of Community Support Program Member Centers, select a standardized measurement tool to evaluate the impact of these services on an ongoing basis, and develop a concise value proposition supported by valid data. The study provides a means for providers of these services to be accountable for results with the consumer members. It is also a meaningful way to engage a variety of stakeholders in understanding the value of continued support of these services.

Guild partnered with the Improve Group, an external evaluation firm, to conduct the study. The results clearly demonstrate the value to the individual member and to the community-at -large:

  • 75% of members experience outcomes associated with reduced hospitalization and increased chances of employment.
  • 90% of members self-report they have not been hospitalized for mental illness in the past 6 months after coming to the Guild Member Center.

The front page of the report provides an overview of the study including the five domains of recovery as defined by The Recovery Assessment Scale:

  • Reliance on others
  • Willingness to ask for help
  • Goal and success orientation
  • Personal confidence and hope
  • No domination by symptoms

The back page reveals the outcomes of our survey and the connections to proven outcomes.

The measurement tool and resulting value proposition will be used across the Community Support Programs in Dakota County on an ongoing basis.

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