Scott County Region Project

Help Us Create a Recovery and Transition Center

 in the Scott County Region

Guild Incorporated is working to develop recovery and transition services to be located in the Scott County region. With stakeholders throughout the region, we are coming together around a common vision – wellness and recovery for adults who have mental illnesses and other co-occurring conditions such as substance use disorders and medical conditions.

Inform. Join us for a “Get to Know Guild” event. We’ll educate you about our work and our vision for the recovery and transition center located in the Scott County Region. You can help us by informing us about community needs for this type of service. Contact Kristi Hamilton for details.

Call: 651.925.8452 Email:

Advocate. Ask your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers to join you in supporting this resource in your community. Invite them to a “Get to Know Guild” event. Ask them to visit to learn more.

Donate. Invest in your community. Support Guild Incorporated as we develop this needed resource in the Scott Count region. Visit:

Call: George Broostin, 651.925.8454 Email:

Scott County Region Project

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