Angel Fund

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Online:  Enter the amount of your donation in the field above and click submit.  This will launch our secure online payment processing form.  The form is short and easy to use.  Just complete the required information and click submit at the bottom of the form.  When your payment has processed, you’ll receive an online confirmation as well as email confirmation.

Questions: Call 651.925.8454 to reach our Development Director, George Broostin or by email at

About Guild’s Angel Fund:

Our founder, the Guild of Catholic Women (GCW), started the Angel Fund in 1993 after observing that individuals served often lacked the resources to meet needs. The gifts were small, but the impact they made for  individuals’ quality of life was not. As the years passed, the fund dissolved. In 2015, to honor the roots of our founder and our 25th Anniversary, we brought the Angel Fund back!

Here’s how your gift to the Angel Fund improves quality of life: 

  • $25 purchases everyday items to help individuals meet personal needs and maintain their apartments, so they can live successfully in the community
  • $50 covers pet related expenses, helping to prevent isolation
  • $100 provides art supplies and lessons, training, community education classes, and other resources to help an individual build skills and interests
  • $150 covers auto and transportation expenses, helping individuals get to work, to doctors’ appointments, and to visit family and friends
  • $250 or more supports job readiness for things like clothes, haircuts, and transportation for interviews




You Can Help:

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