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Fax Number

Accounting & General Information Ph: 651.450.2220
Fx:  651.450.2221
Human Resources Ph: 651.450.2220,ext. 464
Fx:  651.450.2221
Marketing Communications:  media inquiries, website questions, request for print materials, advertising, and event sponsorship opportunities
Contact: Kati Ph: 651.286.8604
Fx:  651.450.2221
Development: donor relations, Get to Know Guild events, community outreach events, Ladder of Hope events
Contact: George Ph: 651.925.8454
Fx:  651.450.2221
Volunteer Roles:
: Nancy Ph:  651.925.8446
Fx:   651.450.2221

Consult the list below for specific service areas.  Or, use our simple online inquiry form for general service inquiries or if you’re not sure which services are a fit for you.


Phone Number

Fax Number

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) — Ramsey County Ph:  651.291.0067
Fx:   651.209.3259
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) — Dakota County Ph:  651.457.2248
Fx:   651.455.4344
Behavioral Health Home Services (BHH) Ph: 651-286-8605
Fx: 651-312-1222
Care Coordination Ph:  651.925.8495
Fx:   651.312.1222
Community Access Services Ph:  651.925.8490
Fx:   651.209.3259
Community Support Program (CSP) – Member Center Ph:  651.457.2248
Fx:   651.455.4344
Maureen’s HouseCrisis Stabilization Services Ph:  612.267.5242
Fx:   651.306.1045
Delancey Services (long-term homelessness) Ph:  651.291.0067
Fx:   651.291.1222
Employment Services – Ramsey County Ph:  651.262.2321
Fx:   651.291.8555
Employment Services – Dakota County Ph:  651.262.2321
Fx:  651.455.4344
Equilibrium (EQ) Youth Services Ph:  651.291.0067
Fx:   651.209.3259
Targeted Case ManagementBluebird Team Ph:  651.291.0067
Fx:   651.291.8555
Targeted Case ManagementSparrow Team Ph:  651.457.2248, ext. 2118
Fx:  651.455.4344
Targeted Case ManagementDove Team Ph:  651.457.2248, ext. 2149
Fx:  651.455.4344
Guild South – Intensive Residential Treatment Services Ph:  651.455.6800
Fx:  651.306.1045

Free language assistance and interpreter services are available.

Guild Incorporated complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

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