Our Internship Program provides undergraduate and graduate level students an opportunity to complement their studies through real world, career-related experience that meets the requirements of their academic program.

For student interns, the program provides:

  • practical, hands-on work experience.
  • opportunity to gain marketable skills.
  • realistic perspective regarding business world.
  • the chance to establish professional contacts and relationships.
  • supervision and professional development

The university gains:

  • an ability to better serve students by matching academic courses to real world needs.
  • an opportunity to connect with professionals in the field.
  • an opportunity to enhance the university’s image.
  • a chance to create relationships within the business community.

And, we gain, too, through:

  • opportunity to work with and provide feedback to academic leaders.
  • ability to impact standard of professionalism in future workforce.
  • opportunity for future managers to build management/mentoring skills by supervising students.
  • opportunity for staff to share in the enthusiasm and fresh perspective of student interns.

Learn more about our Internship Program.  Email If you are looking for internships or jobs, view openings here.

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